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Scoop Technologies is founded by industry experts by acquiring Scoop Solutions which has established in the year 2010 to deliver cost effective solutions and IT services to the organizations competing effectively in the market place. As we are penetrating deep inside the market, we are offering innovative solutions that empower people and organizations to effectively leverage the technology by aligning skills and shared goals.

We have excellent proven track record in domain practices such as Healthcare & Life sciences, Financial, Telecom, Retail, Banking, Media, Manufacturing, Networking. Scoop Technologies leads its service in offering skills augmentation, professional consulting services and helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their businesses to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace.

Scoop Technologies provides proper staffing solutions in India and abroad. This helps our clients to place their resource across the globe. We always give leverage to our clients to pursue the flexible business model (T&M/ Fixed price/ Hybrid /BOT).

We offer onsite training and online trainings to our corporate customers in the IT industry. If you are looking for solutions on various products, and services, we would love to work with you and wanted to hear from you.


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Digital world
Brining the new technologies, innovative thoughts, boost up for the start-ups and motivating the associates across the world through the digital world.
The goal is turn data into information, and information into insight for the better measurement and management of data.
Providing the cloud based solutions for the all the organizations from entrance to exit of the employee.
Scoop offer FIX protocol consulting for both buy-side and sell-side firms. Specialised in the certification testing, design, development and implementation.



It’s been an incredible journey with Scoop Technologies. It has always provided me the support and guidance to grow as a professional. Probably the most open work culture in the industry, which allows you to share your ideas to contribute in the growth of the organization. It’s a great feeling to be part of Scoop.

PranavSr. Consultant, Scoop Technologies

I was very fortunate to start my career with Scoop Technologies. Scoop Technologies has provided me with so many opportunities for growth and development that I have always been able to move around and take on new challenges.

I enjoy working with Scoop Technologies because the people I work with are always uplifting and positive.

NagarajuSAP Consultant, Scoop Technologies
Shivkantrh Reddy

I would like to thank you to be a part of Scoop family and the entire process and guidance is good from interview to onboarding process. We are interacting with client and actively participating in all the areas. I am very happy with Scoop Technologies.

Shivkantrh ReddySr. Developer, Scoop Technologies

It’s my pleasure to work with Scoop Technologies. Scoop is Excellent at Administration. They are never compromise while they are compitating with other Organizations. The way they are taking care of Employees is Awesome and Marvellous. I am really appreciating the Enthusiasm, Strength, Intensity, Sharpness, Responsiveness of Scoop Technologies. Excellent Management. The way they are hitting the IT Market and growing in the Market is uncomparable with any others. Kite looks great to everyone whenever it is flying towards sky but no one didn’t recognize the invisible thread which makes the kite to be appear at that hight. So, if I am the Kite ultimately Scoop is the Great invisible Thread who is guiding me All the time. They are putting Great Efforts towards the growth of Employees as well as Organization. Feeling Great to work with Scoop Technologies.

“My Employment with Scoop” is one of the Best Milestones which I will ever have in my Life. I am glad to be a part a fantastic Organization like Scoop Technologies.

AnanthSr. Software Engineer, Scoop Technologies

It’s natural to see a mushrooming of online recruitment startups that claim to reduce the gap between candidates and potential employers. Scoop Technologies is one of the leading IT recruiting companies in Hyderabad which spreads its wing to Bangalore and now foresee to spread its branches across the country. Scoop Technologies serves multiple leading software companies and successfully placed candidates in MNC’s. Scoop Technology is the right platform which discovers the right talent for startups using conventional job sites where resumes have to be manually filtered.


SCOOP Technologies  understands the business and its requirements extremely well.   We have a dedicated team to service our account which is customer friendly and responsive all the times. It’s a mutually beneficial association that we have with  SCOOP  and wish to nurture this relationship going forward.


It’s  my pleasure to work with Scoop Technologies. I would like to thank for considering me to be part of Scoop Family. It is located in heart of the city. Excellent Management and the entire process and guidance is good from interview to onboarding process. The way they are hitting the IT Market is Excellent. I wish it should reach Top most level for next coming days.

I really appreciate the hiring process of Scoop Technologies. At the time of my selection, Scoop staff (HR team) helped me in in all stages throughout my interview and selection process. What I personally believe is, if you just follow the instructions of HR team it would really make your life easier and grab right opportunity without any struggle.

Even after onboard, they will help you in every aspect to make you feel comfortable. I feel Scoop Solutions is a great place to fulfil your aspiration. Good Luck.


Our company is well organized company. And improve employee communication , collaboration, wellness and performance  Among the most common words company use to describe the culture (and the employees) are talented, driven, dedicated, innovative and ambitious.

I am really proud to say I am a scoop family member. And I feel our Organization environment Is nice to work . And here Employee- Employee and Employee- Employer relationship is very good. It shows our Organization growth.

Head of Operations

Its pleasure to be part of Scoop Technologies. The kind of dedication and Team work they show to ensure smooth productivity at work is amazing. Everyone maintains the same tempo to serve the customer better and faster. The associates we have in Scoop are matured and dedicated. Happy to be associated with them.

Head of Operations

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